About Us

Josie Drago

Josie Drago over 15 years of programming

Josie Drago graduated from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics.  She pursued a career in Purchasing while working for A. G. Simpson.  During those 5 years Josie was promoted and asked to join the IT Department. In her new role, she discovered she had an interest in programming and began custom designing for their Finance Department. In August of 2000 Josie decided to leave AG. Simpson and ventured on her own and launched the company Drago Information Technology.  “Over the past years, I’ve had the unique opportunity to create programs and be part of many custom solutions.”  Adding “Her Golf Game” website to mix, she entered the e-commerce world.  Drago Services Ltd. Was formed in January 2010.  “My goal is to create and forge real long lasting strategic relationships with all my clients.”  

  • Java, Html, PHP, ASP
  • Full e-commerce integration
  • Structured Query Language (SQL), MySQL
  • Visual Basic for Applications (VBA); Visual Basic (VB), MS Access
  • Word Press, Dreamweaver, CS5
Antonia Virzi

Antonia Virzi

Over 10 years of IT System Planning, Development & Implementation

  • Financial management
  • Cost management programs
  • Ms Word, Excel, File Maker Pro 2.1; PowerPoint, Outlook, Exchange, Access, Protrack, Time Reporting System, Expense Reporting System


Angelo Drago

Angelo Drago with over 20 years of programming

  • Programming (.NET, ASP, PHP, JAVA, C# and Pearl)
  • Internet (IIS - Installation, Configuration, HTTP and FTP)
  • Database (MS Access, SQL, MySQL and ODBC connections)
  • Operating System (Installation, Administration and Support) – Servers and Workstations


  • Red Hat
  • Ubuntu 8.10
  • Mint 8.04, 11
  • Internet (Apache – Installation and Configuration)


  • Solaris
  • HP-UX